How Gutter Cleaning Prevents Pest Problems

squirrel crawling in a gutter

Gutters are prime property for pests. Gutters offer a significant measure of protection from the elements, stagnant water that bugs crave (especially mosquitoes), and an abundant quantity of leaves and twigs that may be employed to build their homes.

This set of characteristics cause your gutters to be a great home for pests, insects and rodents. There are plenty of ways to prevent these squatters from moving in to your gutters the first being routine gutter cleaning to ensure there is no debris or organic buildup that pests love. Learn more:

Pests, Insects & Rodents Can Live Inside Gutters

Given half the chance plenty of critters will make your gutter their home. Despite the fact that some may appear harmless they could still damage your property. Common place gutter critters include:

  • Mosquitoes.
  • Rodents (including mice, rats and squirrels).
  • Roaches.
  • Birds.
  • Bees, wasps and hornets.
  • Other Insects.

And the problems that clogged guttering may cause may lead to other bugs taking up residence as well such as carpenter ants which may result in considerable structural damage.


No-one would choose to be harassed by mosquitoes every time they go outside. They like to set up home and lay eggs around still water, making clogged gutters the ideal place for them to set up home. Mosquitoes reproduce principally in the warmer months and feed by sucking blood.

Whereas plenty of critters may be gratefully received in your backyard mosquitoes are not. Their bites cause anything ranging from faint soreness to a severe immune response and they carry many of nasty diseases.


Many rodents are nocturnal but you may often hear them darting about in your guttering. And if you suspect they are in your gutters in all probability it won’t be long before they make their way into your property.

Rats and Mice are never far away and they like to find a way inside for food and protection when the weather gets cold. Chipmunks can seem fluffy when they leap and climb in trees yet they can be destructive. They will find their way into your home chewing through wood and insulation, making a mess and causing damage.


Cockroaches might be able to go for weeks without food but they can’t survive without water and prefer to live in the wet debris in your gutters. Cockroaches are strong, breed quickly and can carry numerous diseases and parasites, thus if you find them around your home you would do well to call in the professionals right away.


Birds are drawn to gutters, they make a really good spot to alight therefore if your gutters aren’t routinely cleaned there will be a ample supply of food and material to build nests.

Plenty of folk love to encourage birds into their backyards but your guttering is not the place you want them to set up home. The non-stop birdsong is more of a annoyance than a health risk. However bird droppings often generate issues for your home as well as being unsightly.

Bees, Hornets and Wasps

Hornets, wasps and bees are more often than not found in guttering because they like the soggy surroundings. They create a problem because their homes may be heavy bringing about damage and they may be aggressive resulting in you getting stung.

Issues From Pests Living in Your Gutters

Having animals move into your guttering is more than just headache. They can carry diseases and generate severe damage to your home.

Damage from critters and clogged gutters will often include:

  • Rain Water damage to the sides of your property and the roof line which gives ingress to more critters.
  • Damaged gutters as a result of the mass of nests and rotting matter.
  • Wires and cladding bitten by rodents.
  • Damage to paint as well as wood from bird droppings.

Not to mention the potential risks to health from critters that bite, sting or carry infections.

Squirrels as well as other rodents delight in munching through wiring and munching on wooden facades. And mice as well as rats are more than happy to make your home their own, helping themselves to your food and making a mess with their droppings and urine.

Birds could look like innocuous guests however their homes generate obstructions, they are disruptive and their excrement may be both unattractive and may damage paint and wood.

Carpenter ants may much through wood to build their nests which left unchecked can create major harm that will often be costly to make right.

How Gutter Cleaning Stops Pests

Cleaning our gutters is one of those chores that will easily get pushed to the bottom of the list. However it’s an crucial part of property maintenance.

We all understand that blocked guttering prevents water from draining away leading to damage to your property. Rain damage can result in damage to fascia boards, damage to the roof and damage to framing, especially if rain water gets trapped and then freezes.

Cracks and crevices will then give a haven for pests which include mosquitoes and carpenter ants. The rotting twigs and leaves furthermore offers ideal building material for rodents, birds, bees and wasps.

Avoidance is key when it comes to preventing creatures from settling in your gutters, as when they have taken up residence they will quickly do lasting damage to your home and be costly to evict.

As well as keeping gutters clear you may maintain the area around your property, cutting back hedges and other foliage to help avoid creatures from climbing into the gutters.

Ensuring your gutters are free from obstruction allows for the free flow of rain water and stops still water that attract pests. You are likewise removing building matter for other pests.

Apart from gutter cleaning you may additionally consider putting gutter guards in place to stop the accumulation of rotting matter and avoid critters entering in the first instance.